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Wattie Business for Solar Companies

Consolidate Monitoring. Improve Customer Service.

With always growing energy needs worldwide, we are facing a real threat of climate change. Almost every organization and responsible individual is considering alternate renewable resources as their main source of energy. Solar is one of the friendliest ways of producing energy. In the past few years, the on-grid systems also provide the functionality of net metering which essentially is a mechanism to sell excess energy back to the grid. Many of the inverters come preconfigured with the monitoring of energy produced. However, the visibility of the consumption of energy at sites and export to the grid is limited. 

Wattie net metering variant is a device specifically designed to cater to the needs of net-metered connections. A standardized web app with the functionality of consolidating data from different inverter manufacturers makes it extremely clear and easy both for the solar EPC companies to take care of the installed assets and also for the end-user to understand the production, consumption, and export of the units.

With our advanced AI algorithms, the system helps you in figuring out if some installation sites are not performing well. You can get alerted of potential issues using the vast data that is gathered from the device.

If you’re looking to make full use of the energy data of solar installations, Wattie is the right option for you. 


Improve Customer Service

Remotely monitor all your sites on a single dashboard. Get smart alerts on useful insights regarding the performance of solar systems.

Understand Usage

Provide in-depth details of consumption, production, and export data to your end customers.

Increase Brand Value

Get branded dashboards to give a good impression to your customers and increase good will for your brand. 

Highlights of Wattie dashboard features

Wattie dashboards are fully customizable. We design the dashboard in collaboration with our customers. No two customers are alike and our technical experts make sure that you get the best experience by tailoring the user interface to fit your needs.

Real-Time Usage

Keep eye on the energy consumption in real-time. It provides overview of changes in electrical consumption as appliances turn On/Off.


Consumption History

Detailed insights help you in realizing where your money goes. Phase-wise hourly, daily and monthly breakdown gives you a clear pictures of energy flow.


Alerts & Notifications

Relevant push notifications on abnormal behavior and other activities keep you updated all the time. It helps in managing budget and conserving energy.


Multi Device

View all your devices from a single screen. No need to make new accounts. Even view the devices installed in multiple facilities from the same screen.

Predictive analytics

With the help of Artificial Intelligence get the most useful insights about the health of your assets and optimization of your consumption.

automated reports

Comes with the useful feature of automated and configurable reports. Get the useful snapshots on the defined intervals without even opening the dashboard.


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